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Price Drop

 Great News! From the 6th of June we will be dropping prices on many of our products, particularly our Eco range.There are some increases on products mainly from ... Read More

Unwrapped - Cold Paper BioCups

In this Unwrapped video courtesy of BioPak with their Creative Director, Lala is talking about their FSC & industrially compostable paper cold cups so that you can put the planet first and stay ahead of the plastic bans in your state. ... Read More

Why Choose BioCups?

BioPak's BioCups are made from premium paperboard lined with Ingeo™ – a bioplastic made from plants, not oil. The paperboard is a heavy-duty, premium quality board giving the BioCups superior stability, better lid fit and insulation. These sustainable coffee cups are printed with non-toxic, environmentally friendly water or soy-based inks and are designed to be commercially composted as part ... Read More

Ward Packaging 40th Anniversary

 This past weekend, Ward Packaging had the honour of celebrating a special milestone, our 40th Anniversary Here’s to the man who started it all back in 1982, Norm Ward. Above is ... Read More

Composting vs Recycling

What is Composting? Composting is simple. It’s a circular economy solution that’s completely natural. Think of it as nature’s way of recycling. In Australia, we send seven million tonnes of organic waste to landfill each year – including food scraps, garden material and compostable packaging. Once in landfill, organic waste begins to break ... Read More

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