Clear Cold PLA Containers & Lids

From the 1st of October 2022 the sale of the cold containers below will only be allowed when sold together with no hole lids as they will be classed as food containers with lids.

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  • Item: GA0064

    Cold Container Clear PLA 150ml BioPak 5oz

  • Item: GA0065

    Cold Container Clear PLA 200ml BioPak 7oz R200Y

  • Item: GA0067

    Cold Container Clear PLA 300ml BioPak 10oz R300PLA

  • Item: GA0068

    Cold Container Clear PLA 360ml BioPak 12oz R360PLA

  • Item: GA0070

    Cold Container Clear PLA 500ml BioPak 16oz R500PLA

  • Item: GA0076

    Lid Flat Raised t/s Clear PLA BioPak Conts 60-280ml C76

  • Item: GA0078

    Lid PLA Flat Clear t/s Clear Biopak Conts 60-280ml C76F

  • Item: GA0082

    Lid Dome No Hole t/s BioPak Conts 300-700ml C96D(N)

  • Item: GA0094

    Cold Cont Tumbler Clear PLA Q250ml BioPak 8oz

  • Item: GA0095

    Cold Cont Tumbler Clear PLA Q360ml BioPak 12oz

  • Item: GA0098

    Cold Cont Tumbler Clear PLA Q500ml BioPak 16oz

  • Item: LD8110

    Portion Control Cups R60ml PLA BioPak R-60

  • Item: LD8112

    Portion Control Cups 90ml PLA BioPak R-90

  • Item: LD8114

    Portion Control Cups 140ml PLA BioPak R-140

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