BioPak are B Corp certified environmental world leaders in sustainable packaging solutions. They champion compostable packaging and are focussed on reducing tree based paper and fossil fuel based plastic used in food serviceware by offering an eco-friendly alternative that fosters a truly circular economy. They offer products made from plants, not oil to businesses who, like them, want to preserve and protect the earth for current and future generations.  They are the first packaging company in Australia and New Zealand to be certified carbon neutral. They partner with Write Solutions in Western Australia to offer a one bin solution to organic waste and compostable packaging collection and are industry leaders in working towards a world without waste.



Our close partnership with Write Solutions involves providing a closed loop solution for compostable packaging and organic waste. Write Solutions have an in-depth knowledge of how to minimise waste, waste removal costs and maximising environmental sustainability. They offer our customers the perfect end-solution by way of an organics and compostable packaging collection service as well as offering recycling, liquid and hazardous waste collection, event waste management and more.



Chemform is a family owned and operated Australian chemical manufacturer. Their vision was to create environmentally sustainable, yet effective cleaning solutions. They recognised that taking care of the earth has become everyone’s responsibility, so formulated a green range of products that provide performance, quality and safety as well as environmental sustainability.



Detpak is a family owned business who design, manufacture and supply the food service industry with world-class paper and cardboard packaging products.  They believe in making a positive impact in the community by providing sustainable packaging options that are responsible by design.



Pac Trading believe it’s everyone’s job to take action to protect the earth’s precious resources. They encourage GreenMark packaging as a sustainable alternative to oil-based plastics and by using a product called Bagasse, a by-product of agricultural waste, assist in reducing the general waste stream. These products are fully compostable and can be commercially composted along with food and beverage waste.   



Envirochoice is a family-owned packaging company with warehouses in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and most recently New Zealand. As signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant, they have created a working culture that has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability. Their mission is to develop sustainable packaging solutions that leave the world a cleaner place for future generations.

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